1878-1988: The packaging business




1878 Victor Schouw

The founder of Aktieselskabet Schouw & Co., Victor Schouw, apprenticed at Drewsens Papirfabrik 'Strandmøllen' near Skodsborg, north of Copenhagen, and after a number of years of working for various trading companies he established his own business on 10 January 1878, leasing a few small rooms in the rear building of the property located at Nordvestvej 14 in the Copenhagen district of Nørrebro.

In the company’s very humble beginnings, the only outside help was a couple of young girls gluing together paper bags by hand. Producing bags by machine had not yet been introduced in Denmark at that time.

The company expanded steadily and gradually came to include several paper and packaging operations. Victor Schouw had no children or close relatives to which he could hand over the company when he retired, so he converted the business into a limited liability company in 1911.


1930 Jyllands Papir-Værk

In 1930, Schouw & Co. acquired Jyllands Papir-Værk A/S based in Aarhus. In the years thereafter, producing paper bags was still the company’s most important activity, but later wax paper for rye bread and other types of carton and paper packaging gradually accounted for more and more of its output.

Jyllands Papir-Værk was one of the first businesses in Denmark to begin mechanically manufacturing carton and paper packaging in colourful offset printing, and all of the company’s operations were gradually consolidated in Aarhus. 


1956 Pure-Pak

In 1956, Jyllands Papir-Værk became the first company in Europe to be licensed to produce Pure-Pak cartons, which were invented in the United States. Milk cartons, at this time still unknown in the Danish market, were sold via the Tyrstrup Mejeri dairy to US troops stationed in Germany. Cartons were produced using conventional printing machines and stamping presses.

In 1967, Pure-Pak cartons were introduced as milk packaging in Denmark, and Jyllands Papir-Værk built a new factory at Lystrup, a town outside Aarhus, where special-purpose machines manufactured Pure-Pak cartons. In 1973, the company’s management and the remainder of the production facilities also relocated from Aarhus to Lystrup.


1986 SCHOUW Packing

In 1986, Jyllands Papir-Værk changed its name to SCHOUW Packing A/S. The company now only manufactured Pure-Pak cartons, all other packaging operations having been divested.


1988 Sale of half of SCHOUW Packing

In 1988, a 50% ownership interest in SCHOUW Packing A/S was sold to the Norwegian company Elopak a.s., which had acquired the global rights to the Pure-Pak concept.

The partnership with Elopak was the start of a very successful time for the company, which expanded its operations to Poland and Sweden.

Schouw & Co. was changing, and an important shift in strategy had begun.