2000-2005: A bigger and stronger Schouw & Co.

After Jens Bjerg-Sørensen took over as CEO of Schouw & Co. in 2000, the company launched its strategy “A bigger and stronger Schouw & Co.” The goal was to increase the number of portfolio companies and for Schouw & Co. to grow to big enough to attract sufficient attention on the stock exchange.




2000 Incuba

In June 2000, Schouw & Co. was among the founders of Aarhus Business Incubator. In February 2001, we became much more involved in the entrepreneurial environment of eastern Jutland with the establishment of development and venture company Incuba A/S. In 2013, it changed its name to Incuba Invest, and Schouw & Co. currently holds a 49% ownership interest. 

Incuba Invest has helped set up venture activities and also has an ownership interest in the innovation environment and science parks of Aarhus.

2001 Dansk Biogas

In February 2001, Schouw & Co. agreed to subscribe for new shares in Dansk Biogas A/S. By the time the share issue was completed later that year, Schouw & Co. owned 50% of the company After Schouw & Co. acquired the remaining shares in Dansk Biogas A/S in 2004, all of that company’s operations were transferred to Xergi A/S.

2001 Elopak in Sweden

In March 2001, Schouw & Co. acquired a 50% stake in Swedish company Elopak AB. This acquisition was a natural next step in meeting Schouw’s growing need to coordinate packaging operations across national borders. Following the acquisition, Schouw Packing A/S changed its name to Elopak Denmark A/S on 1 October 2002.

2002 Fibertex

In March 2002, Schouw & Co. acquired all the shares in Fibertex A/S with the intention of supporting the continued growth strategy of that company. 

At the time, Fibertex' main business activity was nonwovens for technical and industrial applications. At the time, its first two production lines for hygiene products had been set up in Denmark, and Fibertex had detailed plans for expansion to South-East Asia.

2004 Xergi

In 2004, Schouw & Co. set up a 50/50 joint venture with HedeGruppen (DDH). Both parties contributed operating activities and fresh capital in return for each taking 50% of the shares in the new company, Xergi. The company’s business is building biogas plants and related solutions.

2005 BioMar

In 2005, Schouw & Co. acquired a 68.82% stake in listed company BioMar Holding A/S from Norsk Hydro. 

The largest single investment in Schouw & Co. history, it lifted our consolidated revenue and earnings significantly.