2016: Acquistion of GPV International

As at 1 April 2016, Schouw & Co. acquired the Danish electronics manufacturer, GPV International A/S.

As a result of the acquisition, Schouw & Co. began the composition of a new Group activity within Electronic Manufacturing Service, where the intension is - through organic expansion and further acquisitions - to utilise the important international growth potentials in the electronics industry.


2016: Sale of ownership interest in Kramp

The merger of Grene and Kramp in 2013 was very successful and it created substantial value to the shareholders. Gradually it became clear, however, that Schouw & Co. would expectedly not be able to exercise the desired longterm active ownership.

In September 2016, Schouw & Co. therefore agreed to divest its shares in Kramp at a transaction value reflecting the company's potential. The total investment in the line of business has - since the acquisition of Grene in 1988 at the price of DKK 49 million - resulted in a total return of about DKK 1,250 million, equivalent to an annual rate of return of 15%.