Corporate Governance

Schouw & Co. complies with the rules applying to companies listed on Nasdaq Copenhagen, which include a code on corporate governance as set out in “Corporate Governance Recommendations”.

The Board of Directors and the Executive Management of Schouw & Co. see corporate governance as a natural part of running a responsible business. Corporate governance considerations and the interaction with the company’s stakeholders is a constant priority, and considering the company’s corporate governance policy is a recurring item in the annual business of the Board meetings.

Schouw & Co. believes it complies in all material respects with the intentions of “Corporate Governance Recommendations”, however, there are a few areas in which Schouw & Co. does not apply the corporate governance recommendations.

Corporate Governance Recommendations

A detailed account of the company’s position on each individual item of the Recommendations on Corporate Governance from Nasdaq Copenhagen is available in Danish from Schouw & Co.’s Danish website

Other corporate governance related documents

The general guidelines governing incentive schemes are available here.

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