Company history

Our company anniversary book 'Resultater skabes gennem mennesker' ('Results are created by people') tells the story of Schouw & Co.'s 125-year history from 1878 to 2013.

The book is in Danish and available on request by e-mail to, by telephone +45 86 11 22 22 or a pdf-version of the book can be downloaded here


1878-1988: The packaging business

For more than 100 years, Schouw & Co. was a focused packaging company. The story begins in a backyard in Copenhagen, culminating in large-scale production of Pure-Pak cartons in Lystrup near Aarhus, Denmark.

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1988-2000: Building the conglomerate

The sale of the 50% stake in the packaging company pioneered Schouw & Co.'s strategic shift: From a focus on a single business to the development of a comprehensive industrial conglomerate. 

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2000-2005: A bigger and stronger Schouw & Co.

After Jens Bjerg Sørensen was appointed CEO of Schouw & Co. in 2000, the strategy 'a bigger and stronger Schouw & Co.' was launched. The goal was to increase the number of companies in the portfolio and ensure that Schouw & Co. had a size that could get the necessary attention on the Stock Exchange.

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2005-2015: Bigger and stronger businesses

Following the acquisition of BioMar in 2005 the portfolio had a satisfactory size. The strategy was changed from creating a larger portfolio to create larger and stronger companies in the portfolio. This shift led to a more focused Schouw & Co. where appropriate divestments of businesses became a reality. 

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2015 until today: Changes to the portfolio

A new leg within electronics was established in the spring of 2016 in connection with the acquisition of the EMS-manufacturer, GPV. 

Furthermore, in the early autumn of 2016, an agreement was concluded to divest in the shares of the European trading and logistics business Kramp.

Yet another leg was established at the beginning of April 2017 where the majority of shares in Borg Automotive was acquired. Borg Automotive specialises in the remanufacturing of auto parts.

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