We own a diversified portfolio of businesses

Schouw & Co. owns a variety of businesses which only have very little in common. The ownership is long-term and we have never invested in a business with the object of selling it again.

We create value through active and developing ownership, and the businesses are run by and together with the managements. The top executives in each of the businesses have the operational responsibility, while we ensure that the businesses head in a clear strategical direction. 

'Operational streamlining' is developed in the businesses upon which significant investments shall form the basis of a solid organic growth, and where an intensified focus on 'margin management' shall ensure increased operating earnings in both the short and long term. In addition hereto, focus is on 'global size' seeing that large and international businesses are best positioned for the future competition situation.

We must ensure that our businesses will expand on growth markets - and acquisition of businesses will very likely be an important element of such.