Borg Automotive


Europe’s largest independent remanufacturing company, Borg Automotive produces, sells and distributes remanufactured automotive parts to the European market.


HQ in Silkeborg, Denmark. Facilities in Denmark, England, Belgium and Poland.


Borg Automotive was founded in 1975 and has since the beginning of April 2017 been part of the Schouw & Co. Group.


Kim Kruse Andersen has been CEO since 2008. 

About Borg Automotive

Learn more about the acquisition of Borg Automotive in the news letter from 20 April 2017: "Schouw & Co. acquires Borg Automotive and invests in the remanufacturing of auto parts".



"The essence of the remanufac-turing process is to return the defective product to the same standard as when it was first manufactured."

Kim Kruse Andersen, CEO