BioMar to expand production capacity in Brande, Denmark

Global fish feed manufacturer BioMar, headquartered in Denmark, is to expand its production facilities in Brande, Denmark. Demand for specialised quality feed is becoming higher, and this has entailed an investment of about DKK 90 million in a third production line in Brande situated in the central part of Jutland.

Business is booming for BioMar, which is among the largest manufacturers in the world of quality feed for the fish and shellfish farming industry. In 2017, the Schouw & Co. owned business generated revenue of almost DKK 10 billion, and following some years of expansions and acquisitions in China, Australia, South America and Norway there is now a need for expanding the capacity at BioMar’s Danish facilities in Brande. Last year the factory  produced more than 100,000 tonnes of fish feed, and with the expansion the capacity will by means of an investment of about DKK 90 million be increased to about 150,000 tonnes:

- The Brande factory is our flagship in terms of feed to species like trout, eel and sturgeon, and also in terms of research and development in fry feed and recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS). In addition, it is one of our most agile factories seeing that it can be reconverted to produce fish feed for more than 40 different species, Carlos Diaz, CEO of BioMar, states from the headquarters at Aarhus.

In 2017, the production capacity was utilised in full scale, and the demand from the European markets is still increasing – in particular for the types of special feed that are manufactured in Brande:

-  With a future capacity of about 150,000 tonnes, the Brande factory will become our largest European factory outside the salmon markets. I am pleased about the fact that it is a Danish manufacturing facility that performs well and thereby proves a high competitiveness, Mr Diaz continues.

BioMar holds a very strong position within research – including the development of recipes that enhance the nutrient uptake of fish and that substitute scarce resources. The factory in Brande is a pioneer in fry feed and RAS where fish are farmed under controlled conditions. With the investment this lead will now become expanded in Brande:

- The new production line will specialise in fry feed and RAS, and in Brande we have some specific competencies, and it is in particular these we see a rise in demand for Therefore, the investment and the capacity expansion must be effected as soon as possible, Mr Diaz explains.

The expansion of the factory has already begun and is expected ready for commissioning during the summer of 2019. Both in the short and in the long term, the expansion will imply new jobs and steady development in Brande. At the Danish industrial conglomerate Schouw & Co. at Aarhus, President Jens Bjerg Sørensen is very happy  about making further investments in Danish production facilities:

- We have a high investment rate in our businesses, which provides us with substantial advantages in the long run. BioMar is definitely no exception, and we have invested massively in both organic growth and acquisitions during recent years in China, Australia, Ecuador, Norway and now also in Denmark, he explains.

Schouw & Co. has owned BioMar since 2006. In the 12 fiscal years that have passed revenue has increased almost fourfold from DKK 2.6 billion in 2005 to DKK 10 billion in 2017. Last year BioMar produced 1,156,000 tonnes of fish feed at its 13 factories in 10 different countries across the world.

The capacity expansion in Brande is not expected to effect Schouw & Co.’s guidance for full-year 2018 revenue and profit.

For further information please contact:

  • CEO Carlos Diaz, BioMar Group, phone +45 8620 4970 and e-mail
  • President Jens Bjerg Sørensen, Schouw & Co., phone +45 8611 2222

About BioMar
BioMar is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of quality feed for the fish and shellfish farming industry. In 2017, the business generated revenue of DKK 9.96 billion and EBITDA of DKK 712 million. BioMar has factories in Norway, Chile, Denmark, Scotland, Spain, France, Greece, Costa Rica, China and Turkey, and supplies feed to about 80 countries worldwide to more than 45 different species. The BioMar group is owned by Danish industrial conglomerate Schouw and Co., which is listed on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange.

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