Hydra-Grene is appointed Danish Exporter of the Year

The Danish hydraulics company owned by Schouw and Co., Hydra-Grene in Skjern, has received the prestigious Exporter of Year Award from the Danish Export Association. Hydra-Grene obtains the award for its ability to expand and to gain market shares abroad.

On 15 March 2016, Schouw & Co.’s portfolio business, Hydra-Grene, was appointed exporter of the year by the Danish Export Association. The award was presented by Ulrik Dahl, CEO of the Danish Export Association and received on behalf of Hydra-Grene and the employees by Erik Lodberg, CEO of Hydra-Grene.

Since 2012, the Exporter of the Year Award has been awarded to companies which have shown an innovative approach to export, have experienced substantial progress over several years, and which have performed extraordinary efforts in promoting Danish export. Hydra-Grene highly meets such criteria:

- Hydra-Grene’s results prove how a strategical approach and a sincere understanding of the customers’ challenges can create export success. Combined with great readiness through networks to exchange experiences and to share with other export businesses makes Hydra-Grene a well-deserved recipient of the award, says Ulrik Dahl.

In 2015, Hydra-Grene had a revenue of about DKK 600 million, which is the highest revenue ever, and EBIT went up by 30% to DKK 78 million.

Generally, Hydra-Grene has represented a solid and stable growth during the past many years. This is especially the result of export of products to the wind industry all over the world, and that Hydra-Grene takes a strategical approach to export:

- Export makes up for a growing part of our business, and in 2015 export accounted for more than 30%. Taking all our products into consideration, it is quite natural for us to think in terms of export options, says Erik Lodberg, CEO of Hydra-Grene, and continues: - Therefore, we are very proud to receive the award from the Danish Export Association, which we above all see as a recognition of the efforts performed by our employees, who ensure the best possible solution to each customer.

As part of the ongoing development at Hydra-Grene, the company last year acquired the large Swedish hydraulics company, Specma AB, at the price of DKK 650 million. Specma is about double the size of Hydra-Grene, and together the two Scandinavian companies hold an enormous potential – especially within export:

- Hydra-Grene is developing very positively, and we are very pleased about the recognition from the Danish Export Association. With the acquisition of Specma we have strengthened our position in the important Scandinavian market and have also increased our global presence. This has created a strong base for further export growth, Jens Bjerg Sørensen, President of Schouw & Co., points out.

Present at the awards ceremony in Skjern was the Danish Export Association, representatives from Hydra-Grene, representatives from Schouw & Co., and the Mayor of Ringkøbing-Skjern, Mr Iver Enevoldsen.

Facts about the Danish Export Association and Exporter of the Year
The Danish Export Association is a nonprofit, member-owned and member-run association with about 600 members. Since 2012, the association has every year awarded the Exporter of the Year to companies that have attracted favourable attention within export. The award is given to a company characterized by:

  • Innovation in terms of export and global sales
  • Extraordinary growth in export
  • Extraordinary efforts in promoting Danish export
  • Being pioneers in relation to strengthening the network of the Danish Export Association

The winner of 2015 was Hydra-Grene, which together with six other Danish companies was nominated for the award. Previous winners are VIKING Life-Saving Equipment, Desmi and Resolux.