Schouw & Co. becomes Large Cap

In just over two years the market value of Schouw & Co. has doubled, its current market value now amounting to more than DKK 12 billion. As at 1 January 2017, the successful industrial conglomerate will become recognised among the stock market’s largest as a large cap company.

With a current market value of more than DKK 12 billion, Schouw & Co. ranks amongst the most valued companies in Denmark. The current share price ranks the company around number 35 of all the companies listed on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange, and as of New Year, Schouw & Co. will become a large cap company:

- We have experienced a solid development over the past 5-10 years, which the investors increasingly have realised, and this has resulted in increasing share prices. Nevertheless, we just do as we always have done, which is to focus on long-term and stable growth, says Jens Bjerg Sørensen, President of Schouw & Co.

Every year in November, the Copenhagen Stock Exchange estimates who qualifies for the various indexes. The condition for being admitted to the large cap index is that the average market value during the recent 12 months amounts to more than EUR 1 billion; this has in fact applied to Schouw & Co. since New Year 2015:

- We are proud to move up one level seeing this shows the outside world that we are progressing in the right direction. However, we do not expect that this will change the investors’ nor the outside world’s opinion of us, but it is likely that it will increase the attention to the initiatives we take, which is positive, Mr. Sørensen continues.

Since March 2009, where the share price was below DKK 70, the share price of Schouw & Co. has increased almost steadily to a closing price last Friday of DKK 508. This is equivalent to an increase of more than 600 percent.

A portfolio of Danish industrial businesses

Today, the Schouw & Co. Group comprises five large wholly-owned businesses and two smaller partly-owned businesses. In terms of revenue, BioMar is the largest. The company is a global leading manufacturer of fish feed and is expected in 2016 to generate revenue of about DKK 8.5 billion. Next comes Fibertex Personal Care, which is the world’s fifth largest manufacturer of spunbond/spunmelt nonwovens for the personal care industry, generating a 2016 revenue of about DKK 1.8 billion. Its sister company, Fibertex Nonwovens, is expected to generate revenue of more than DKK 1.3 billion in 2016 and is among Europe’s leading manufacturers of nonwovens. Hydra/Specma is expecting a FY revenue in 2016 of about DKK 1.7 billion and is the third largest business in the portfolio. Finally, 2016 featured the acquisition of the Danish electronics business, GPV, which is expected to contribute with a revenue between DKK 625 and 675 million in the nine-month period beginning 1 April 2016 where the business was acquired by Schouw & Co.

Combined Schouw & Co. is expected to generate consolidated FY 2016 revenue of about DKK 14 billion and is expecting a profit before tax of more than DKK 1.5 billion. Jens Bjerg Sørensen regards the Group’s results as a clear evidence that despite a high level of costs, Danish industrial companies can be highly competitive:

- It is important to be at the leading edge of development, innovation and long-term investments in the industries and regions where we expect future growth to be. We believe that companies based on strong fundamental values through long-term strategies and investments can achieve very strong positions in a globalised world. We are dedicated owners of leading Danish industrial businesses, which we develop through value-creating, active and long-term ownership, Mr. Sørensen continues.

Based on the positive development, Schouw & Co. has built a strong financial platform, and the willingness to invest is perhaps higher than ever. This applies to both capacity investments and acquisitions to existing businesses in the portfolio, and searching for new business acquisitions.

In 2016, Schouw & Co.’s investment level is likely at its all-time high; in the beginning of the year, the acquisition of Specma was completed at the amount of DKK 640 million, and later in January the acquisition of GPV at DKK 400 million was announced. During the year, BioMar has been extending its capacity in Norway, a total investment amounting to about DKK 350 million, and Fibertex Personal Care has announced an investment of DKK 400 million in an extension of the production in Malaysia. In August, Hydra/Specma bought the Chinese industrial company Etola, and recently in November, it was announced that BioMar through its Chinese joint venture company has acquired the fish feed manufacturer Haiwei.

Schouw & Co. will be releasing its 2016 annual report on 10 March 2017.

For further information please contact:

  • Jens Bjerg Sørensen, President of Schouw & Co., phone no. +45 86 11 22 22

About Schouw & Co.

Schouw & Co. is a listed industrial conglomerate with an expected FY 2016 revenue of about DKK 14 billion, and an expected EBIT range of DKK 965-1,035 million. The company is primarily known for its long-term and active ownership in the portfolio businesses.

Schouw & Co.’s portfolio comprises:

  • BioMar (100 %): Among the world’s largest manufacturers of fish feed
  • Fibertex Personal Care (100 %): The world’s fifth largest manufacturer of spunbond/spunmelt nonwovens for the personal care industry
  • Fibertex Nonwovens (100 %): Among Europe’s leading manufacturers of nonwovens for industrial purposes
  • Hydra/Specma (100 %): The Nordics’ leading hydralics supplier to the industry
  • GPV (100 %): Denmark’s leading EMS provider of electronics and advanced mechanics 
  • Xergi (50 %): One of Europe’s leading suppliers of turnkey biogas plants 
  • Incuba Invest (49 %): Development and venture operation based in East Jutland.

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