Schouw & Co. wins special award for best midcap annual report


At a ceremony held on 9 September 2015 in Copenhagen, the Confederation of Danish Industry and FSR - Danish Auditors awarded this year’s best annual reports. Schouw & Co. won the special award for best annual report from a small/midcap company.


”Annual reports from the largest companies are hastily developing and several small and midcap companies have during recent years experimented in ways of preparing reports that do not only strictly follow the requirements of IFRS and the Danish Financial Statements Act, but who with inspiration from the best prepare very interesting reports focusing on what is relevant and important.”

In such way the special award for the best annual report, which is awarded to smaller and medium-sized companies in Denmark, was introduced. Experts from auditing firms, stock-exchange analysts and accounting officers of selected C20 companies constituted the panel of judges, which took into account that the annual report had been made interesting, legible, and both the management’s report and the notes had been interestingly presented.

Together with DFDS and Simcorp, Schouw & Co. was nominated for the award for best example from a small/midcap company. At the awards ceremony on Wednesday 9 September 2015 in Copenhagen, Schouw & Co. came out best. Among the grounds for granting Schouw & Co. this award the panel of judges stated:

”The annual report from Schouw & Co. has a good and reader-friendly management’s report which is short, giving a description of only what is relevant and important. A separate report and description is made for each of the subsidiaries, including figures and expectations. Generally, it is emphasized that the notes of the annual report have been grouped subject to importance with both comments and accounting policies stated in the notes. Support is provided by a few and simple graphs and charts which really are relevant.”

CFO of Schouw & Co., Erik Weimar Rasmussen, stated: ”At Schouw & Co. we are very proud to receive such recognition from the Confederation of Danish Industry and FSR - Danish Auditors. Our annual report is prepared by a small and dedicated team comprising only a handful of persons whose aim it is to produce an annual report of very high quality. Each year we attempt to do a little better than last year, and the annual report of Schouw & Co. is subject to continuous innovation and improvement.”


CFO of Schouw & Co., Erik Weimar Rasmussen, receives the special award for best small/midcap annual report at the awards ceremony in Copenhagen.